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Biographie Floor tiles are commonly made of ceramic or stone, although recent technological advances have resulted in rubber or glass tiles for floors as well. Ceramic tiles may be painted and glazed. Small mosaic tiles may be laid in various patterns. Floor tiles are typically set into mortar consisting of sand, cement and often a latex additive. The spaces between the tiles are commonly filled with sanded or unsanded floor grout, but traditionally mortar was used. Natural stone tiles can be beautiful but as a natural product they are less uniform in color and pattern, and require more planning for use and installation. Mass-produced stone tiles are uniform in width and length. Granite or marble tiles are sawn on both sides and then polished or finished on the top surface so that they have a uniform thickness. Other natural stone tiles such as slate are typically "riven" (split) on the top surface so that the thickness of the tile varies slightly from one spot on the tile to another and from one tile to another. Variations in tile thickness can be handled by adjusting the amount of mortar under each part of the tile, by using wide grout lines that "ramp" between different thicknesses, or by using a cold chisel to knock off high spots. Some stone tiles such as polished granite, marble, and travertine are very slippery when wet. Stone tiles with a riven (split) surface such as slate or with a sawn and then sandblasted or honed surface will be more slip-resistant. Ceramic floor tiles for use in wet areas can be made more slip-resistant either by using very small tiles so that the grout lines acts as grooves or by imprinting a contour pattern onto the face of the tile. There are many kinds of floor tiles, and there is a lot of room for choice. According to the material, they can be divided into glazed floor tiles, full-body floor tiles (anti-skid tiles), polished floor tiles, porcelain floor tiles, etc. As a large-scale ground material, floor tiles use their own colors and textures to create different styles of living environments.

Wall tiles are an effective way to protect walls from water splashes. They are not only used on walls, but also on the edge trim of doors and windows. Also an interesting decorative element. Decorative wall tiles for baseboards. That is, the beautiful and protective wall base is not easy to be dirty by shoes or the feet of tables, chairs and stools. Tiles for pools and bathrooms should be beautiful, moisture-proof and wear-resistant. The wall tiles have a high degree of smoothness, a variety of color patterns to choose from, and are lighter and thinner than floor tiles. The glazed surface ensures the waterproof performance of the wall tiles and has a good anti-pollution ability. Tile is a wear-resistant, waterproof, beautiful and easy-to-clean material. Because the requirements for wear resistance are not as stringent as those for floor tiles, there are more choices to choose from. Ceramic wall tiles have low water absorption, strong anti-corrosion and anti-aging capabilities. In particular, its special moisture resistance, scrub resistance and weather resistance cannot be replaced by other materials. Its low price and rich colors make it an ideal decoration material for kitchen, bathroom and balcony walls in home decoration.

Mosaic tiles are the materials for laying bathroom walls and floors. It has been in use since the early 1980s. Mosaic tiles have made a comeback and become the darling of decorative materials in colorful forms, and are favored by avant-garde and fashionable families. Mosaic, one of the oldest known decorative arts, is a pattern created using small tiles or pottery pieces. In modern times, mosaic is more of a kind of ceramic tile. It is a kind of brick with a special way of existence. Generally, it consists of dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large brick. It is widely used in indoor small area floors, walls and outdoor large and small walls and floors due to its small size and colorful features. Because of the small size of the mosaic, some puzzles can be made to produce a gradient effect.

Rustic floor tiles are glazed tiles, which are composed of two parts: embryo body and glazed surface. Glaze is applied to the surface of the tile embryo body, and it is a kind of decorative material after high temperature and high pressure firing. Due to the deliberate grinding and irregular edges of the tile surface, the appearance of erosion over time has been created to create a sense of history and naturalness. This kind of floor tile foot feel is generally very comfortable and breaks through the tradition that the tile foot feel is not as good as the wooden floor. This kind of floor tile not only has a texture closer to that of stone, but also has the transparent and stone texture of jade. The quality indicators such as smoothness, anti-fouling, slip resistance, wear resistance and water absorption of ceramic tiles have also made new breakthroughs and become a first-class floor material in the ceramic tile market.

Glazed tile is made of high-quality ore raw materials, after screening and crushing, high-pressure molding, and high-temperature firing. With high strength, good flatness, low water absorption, folding resistance, frost resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, never fade, and other significant advantages. It is widely used in factories, residences, hotels, villas and other industrial and civil buildings, and is highly praised by architectural masters for its diverse shapes, simple and colorful glaze colors, environmental protection and durability. Compared with traditional glazed tiles, Western-style glazed tiles have the following characteristics: Water resistance: Because the surface of the Western-style glazed tile is coated with a bright glaze layer, it is impervious to water and does not accumulate water; High strength: Western-style glazed tiles are fired at high temperature and meet national standards, can withstand more than the body weight, and can withstand wind and sun for a long time; Adaptability to various climates: Due to the unique low water absorption characteristics of Western-style glazed tiles, they can not only be used in the southern region, but also suitable for the cold climate in northern my country, and the color remains unchanged under long-term sunlight. Adapt to tranquility: Due to the unique process design of Western-style glazed tiles, it has good adaptation and noise reduction properties, and does not grow moss and requires no manual care; Abundant accessories of the opposite sex: In order to make the roof structure complete and beautiful, the Western-style glazed tile has 14 different main tile accessories, which makes the building more artistic; Color selection: The glazed color of Western-style glazed tiles has been carefully formulated to make various colors. 
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