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Biographie When buying or selling wholesale elevator pcb, it is important to understand the different types of elevators there are.

Elevator Drive Inverter is an inverter for high speed elevators equipped with a regenerative converter to effectively use the regenerative energy. It contributes to saving energy by returning the regenerative energy to the power supply.

Elevator Push Button is used to register the floor where you want to go to. When pressed, the button or the floor number will light up in most newer elevators.

Elevator Traction Machine uses a counterweight to offset the weight of the cab and occupants. With this design, the motor doesn't have to move as much weight, making it much more energy efficient than hydraulic systems.

The elevator door operator is the assembly that ensures the elevator door opening and elevator door closing mechanism work. The electrical part includes the elevator door motor, motor speed control device, position switch or encoder; the mechanical part includes the door rail, hanging board, door leaf linkage, etc.

Elevator Door Sensor is an elevator device that detects a passenger or an object on the doorway which prevents the doors from closing (usually installed for accessibility).

A closed loop elevator door controller is a microprocessor that controls the precise speed and location of the doors at all times.

Elevator Encoder tells the controller when the car has reached the correct floor, in the correct position. That is, encoder motion feedback to the elevator's controller ensures that elevator doors open level with the floor.

An elevator relay is a dependable device that is made of electromagnets that will open and close contacts which will route logic to circuits. The basic elevator that has few stops and the manual operation of elevator doors are done by relay controllers.

The elevator lock is installed on the landing door or the car door to lock it. Elevator locks include mechanical door locks and electric door locks. The mechanical one is to ensure that the elevator door cannot be opened under the action of external force and to ensure the safety of personnel. 
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